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Distribution Atlas of European Trichoptera (DAET)


Klick me!A little about the history of the book

Work on the Atlas started off with contacting 129 known caddisfly experts from Europe. 83 of these experts compiled and submitted data or sent their own written records or documents. Additionally, we included data from the following data collections: ZOBODAT of the Upper Austrian State Museum (Austria), National Museum Liverpool (Great Britain), OPIE Benthos (France), CSCF-Info Fauna (Switzerland), Natural Science Museum Bergamo (Italy), Senckenberg Research Institute (Frankfurt, Germany) and National Museum of Natural History (Luxembourg).

Since 2011, more than 630,000 occurrence records (about 450,000 adult data) of European caddisflies contributed by 83 Trichoptera experts and the authors (together they form the DAET Consortium) have been compiled. We are very grateful to the following persons and their support:


Trond Andersen, Norway

Miklós Bálint, Germany and Romania

Angela Berlin, Germany

Núria Bonada, Spain

Mario Brauns, Germany

Andreja Brigić, Croatia

Rainer Brinkmann, Germany

Pavel Chvojka, Czech Republic

Fernanda Cianficconi, Italy

Constantin Ciubuc, Romania

Gennaro Coppa, France

Carla Corallini, Italy

Alain Dohet, Luxembourg

Maria Dommermuth, Germany

Thomas Ehlert, Germany

Brigitta Eiseler, Germany

Frank Eiseler, Germany

Klaus Enting, Germany

Georges Erpelding (†), Germany

Jochen Fischer, Germany

Jürgen Gaul, Germany

Gudrun Gerdes, Germany

Gisli Gislason, Iceland

Yves Gonseth, Switzerland

Marcos González, Spain

Bo Gullefors, Sweden

Peter Haase, Germany

Arne Haybach, Germany

Ullrich Heckes, Germany

Monika Hess, Germany

L.W.G. Higler (†), The Netherlands

Mathias Hohmann, Germany

Halil Ibrahimi, Kosovo

Samuel Jolivet, France

Ute Kampwerth, Germany

Lujza Keresztes, Romania

Matthias Kitt, Germany

Petr Komzák, Czech Republic

Mladen Kučinić, Croatia

Ralf Küttner, Germany

Johanna Lietz, Germany

Koen Lock, Belgium


Omar Lodovici, Italy

Verena Lubini, Switzerland

Janusz Majecki, Poland

Michael Malicky, Austria

Dirk Mattern, Germany

Bart Mevius, Germany

Wolfram Mey, Germany

Marc Meyer (†), Luxembourg

Reinhard Müller, Germany

Cesc Múrria, Spain

Sára Nógrádi, Hungary

James O’Connor, Ireland

Thomas Pitsch, Germany

Bodo Plesky, Germany

Ellen Ploss, Germany

Aleksandar Popijač, Croatia

Ana Previšić, Croatia

Maria Ángeles Puig, Spain

Berthold Robert, Germany

Marta Sáinz-Bariáin, Spain

Juha Salokannel, Finland

Maria Sanabria, The Netherlands

Isabel Schrankel, Luxembourg

Manfred Siebert, Germany

Svjetlana Stanić-Koštroman, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bronisław Szczęsny, Poland

David Tempelman, The Netherlands

Wolfgang Tobias, Germany

Ákos Uherkovich, Hungary

Heinrich Vicentini, Switzerland

Giedrė Višinskienė, Lithuania

Simon Vitecek, Austria

Hanno Voigt, Germany

Ian Wallace, United Kingdom

Johann Waringer, Austria

Armin Weinzierl, Germany

Matthias Weitzel, Germany

Peter Wiberg-Larsen, Denmark

Beate Wolf, Germany

Carmen Zamora-Muñoz, Spain

Oliver Zweidick, Austria










































On 891 pages, you will find information on how the DAET database and the maps were created, a total of 1,583 distribution maps, a systematic list and a species index, which is also a table of map contents. In the  book, point records of caddisflies are illustrated on the maps and for the first time provide a comprehensive overview of the distribution patterns of European Trichoptera families, species and sub-species. These maps serve as a valuable base for future analyses, conservation and management priorities of this fascinating insect order.



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Note from the authors:

The DAET data download through the Freshwater Biodiversity Data Portal ( is currently being prepared. Until the data are published there, members of the DAET consortium and buyers of the book  can request data directly at the authors. Please contact Peter Neu.



Errata & Addenda

Such a work, composed of heterogeneous sources and formats, always carries the risk of containing mistakes. Some members of the Consortium have already pointed to problems, that were not detected in the quality checks. In order to keep the book a reliable working basis, Errata & Addenda will be available here as a downloadable pdf file. You can print them out and put them in the book, or cut and paste parts.


Download:  Errata & Addenda 30042018.pdf




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